Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Crops of Luv

Crops of Luv (cropsofluv.org) 
is a non-profit group that makes scrapbook of Wish trips for Wish kids. 
They made Joseph one, and they did a fantastic job. 

I tried for a long time to make one. I would sit in my office for hours and stare at the pictures. I never got past two pages. That was a bad time for us. A bad time for Joseph. We struggled, a lot. And looking at the pictures and knowing that our son could've lost the battle is enough to make me cry even now. So after lots of searching (I am after all a scrapper and I felt bad sending my pics off for someone else to scrap). 
I found them, they were the answer
And here are some of the pages:
This was our "going away party."
Joseph wasn't feeling well that day. 

Thank you, Crops of Liv. You will never know how much this means to us. 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ukrops and Martin's

Ukrops, a family owned and ran grocery store in the Richmond, VA and surrounding area has an awesome .pdf file on their website, that tells you every item in the store that is Gluten Free. How cool is that? You just have to download it and make your shopping list. Totally awesome!
To access the .pdf, click here.

I also spent some time on the Kroger website, which I"m sure is pretty much nationwide, and they also have an awesome .pdf that can be downloaded and used to make a shopping list from.
Naturally Gluten Free Products

Gingerbread House

This years Christmas parade theme was "Christmas in America". My Girl Scout troop decided that they wanted a large gingerbread house and they wanted to be gingerbread people.  

The gingerbread people were made out of Cardboard, and embellished with paint, glitter, ribbon and pom poms.
The lollipops were made using white plates that were then stapled to a paper towel roll, decorated and then covered with cellophane. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Recently we went to a Girl Scout event where we needed to bring a Glow in the Dark SWAP.
We made Bats (see previous post) and I've already shown pictures of the other SWAPs.
Slime is SIMPLE to make, here's our ingredient list:
Liquid Starch (must be non-aerosol, liquid starch, I used Sta-Flo, found at Wal-Mart and Kroger.)
White or clear school glue (not Tacky glue!)
Paint (in a color of your choosing, we chose Orange and Green Glow in the Dark Paint by Martha Stewart, found at Michael's). 
Depending on what you are doing with it, you may also need individual containers to place your slime after making it. 
We used jello shooter containers, purchased at Party City. There are 40 in a bag and they cost $3.99 a package. 
Step 1:
Take equal parts of glue and water and mix them together. Add paint until you get your desired color.
Then add the same amount of starch that you added of glue and water. The mix it all together. Tada-Slime.
To make 120 2.5oz containers of slime you will need 32 5oz containers of glue , 1.5 containers of Sta-Flow and water. We used about half a bottle of paint (we did 60 green and 60 orange).
Something's to note:
After a few days, the contents separate and you have to open the containers and pour off the excess fluid, you only have to do this once. 

Despite buying "Glow in the Dark" paint ours did not glow. Not sure why. 

SWAP's (Special Whatchamacallit's Attached with a Pin)

SWAP's are a Girl Scout tradition--at Scouting Events you trade them with fellow scouts. They come in all varieties and are creatively different. 
We recently attended the "Girls and Ghouls Gala" at Camp Sugar Hollow in Crozet, Va. 
These are pictures of the other troops SWAP's:
Feathery SWAP's:

Monster SWAP's:

Ghost/Zombie SWAP's:

General SWAP's:

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Kings Dominion "Planet Snoopy"

I took 1 & 2 to Kings Dominion. We are Seasons Pass holders and go frequently. 
This is our first year going to Haunted Planet Spooky. 
We started by checking in and getting yellow bags. The bags had Snoopy maps, a pencil and a Scavenger Hunt. 
Our first stop was decorating pumpkins: 
This is my biggest complaint of the day: you give out pumpkins, yet the bags you give out are TINY....?

We moved into the People Washer (which was liquid foam and fun to play in!)

We rode the tractors:
And went Trick or Treating with Dinosaurs:

Computer Dino's:
Clowning Around:
Swimming anyone?:
Ninja Dino:

Dental floss Dino:
Dentist Dino: